10 Tips for Selecting a Storm Water Consultant (cont.)

6. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Some large firms prepare quality plans and some don’t. Some assign their best people to your project and others assign interns and new employees.

The Principals at SWPPP Solutions, Inc. have adopted the strategy of keeping the company small and manageable. It’s true that they prepare a large number of plans, but every plan is personally prepared by the President and Vice-President of the company. This allows them to ensure that any plan that has the name SWPPP Solutions, Inc. on it has met high quality standards. Additionally, our Principals are going to be much more interested in keeping their clients happy and satisfied than would an employee with less stake in the company.

7. Good Companies Have Lots of Repeat Business

If a firm produces a quality product and takes care of their clients, they’ll have a lot of repeat business. It’s wise to find out who they’ve worked for and whether they’ve prepared plans for projects similar to yours. A good company will never hesitate to provide information and references.

Most of our clients return to SWPPP Solutions, Inc. time and time again because they appreciate our attention to detail, quick response times and absolute commitment to customer satisfaction. We have prepared 59 plans for Sully-Miller Contracting, 45 for Overaa Construction, 45 for Granite Construction, 40 for Wood Bros., 31 for Western Engineering, 30 for George Reed, Inc., 30 for Griffith Company and 27 for Mt. Cascade. Please visit our Testimonials Page on this website to see what our Clients have to say about us.

8. Don’t Hire a Consultant that Only Wants to Prepare SWPPPs for You

Unfortunately, many companies are more concerned with making a quick buck than they are with doing what’s in the best interest of their clients. Some consultants will prepare SWPPPs for you when you don’t really need one. Instead of looking for a Consultant that wants to only prepare SWPPPs for you, find one that wants to assist you with your storm water needs, whatever they may be.

The Consultants at SWPPP Solutions, Inc. realize that what’s in the best interest of their clients, is in their own best interests. Not all projects require SWPPPs. If we don’t think your project needs a SWPPP, we’ll tell you that. Even though we may lose your business for that specific project, we know that the next time you need a SWPPP you’ll think of us first because we’ll have earned your trust.

Sometimes those that prepare contract documents for Project Owners lack understanding of what projects need SWPPPs and will require a SWPPP even when one is not needed. In such cases, when correct information is presented to the Owner or Reviewing Agency, they will sometimes waive the SWPPP requirement or allow a substitution to a lesser plan that is more economical.

9. Verify What Your Total Costs Will Be

A quote should be simple and plainly detail the work that will be done. Sometimes companies charge extra for revising the SWPPP to gain Owner or Agency approval.

We don’t consider a plan to be complete until the Project Owner or Reviewing Agency has accepted it. SWPPP Solutions, Inc. doesn’t charge for requested revisions (that conform to the Construction General Permit) that are needed to gain initial approval. Additionally, we provide many free courtesies for our clients. These include phone consultations, the preparation of simple amendments, stormwater updates, referrals and many other similar tasks.

10. Choose a Consultant that is Responsive

Time is money and you need results from a Consultant, not excuses. Often, an approved plan is the last thing you’ll need before starting the project. A good consultant will meet deadlines.

Our belief in the value of responsiveness has been a major key to our success. SWPPP Solutions, Inc. will deliver your plans in a fast and timely manner. If we can’t prepare a plan in the time frame you require, we won’t accept the project. Over the last 48 months we have achieved a perfect on-time delivery rate of 100%. Our responsiveness covers more than just plan preparation. We will make revisions, return calls, provide quotes and respond to all client needs in a timely manner.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or raise concerns when selecting a Storm Water Consultant. A competent, well-qualified Consultant will happily answer your questions and provide verification when requested.

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