Company Overview

Few individuals and firms can come close to matching the expertise and experience of the Storm Water Consultants at SWPPP Solutions, Inc. They have prepared hundreds of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for private and public projects located across California. Some of California’s largest (and smallest) construction companies use them to address their storm water needs. These projects range in size from sidewalks and parking lots to schools, shopping centers, highways, airports, reservoirs, landfills and bridges.


They have prepared storm water plans for:

Federal Projects:


•  National Park Service

•  Federal Highway Administration

•  U.S. Postal Service

•  Army Corps of Engineers

•  Bureau of Reclamation

•  Department of Veterans Affairs

•  U.S. Coast Guard

•  U.S. Forest Service

•  U.S. Navy

Local Agency Projects:


•  137 Cities

•  65 Service Districts

•  55 School Districts

•  35 Counties

•  18 Airports

State Projects:


•  Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation

•  Department of Parks and Recreation

•  Department of General Services

•  Department of Forestry & Fire Protection

•  Department of Water Resources

Private Projects:


•  Churches

•  Shopping Centers

•  Theaters

•  Malls

•  Industrial Complexes

•  Commercial Buildings

•  Residences

•  Auto Dealerships

•  Nursing Homes

•  Hospitals

•  Condominiums

•  Railroad Facilities

•  Mines

•  Barns

•  Garages

•  Wineries

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